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Each year, money raised from our events will go to an organization that helps to better the lives of children. Below is a list of beneficiaries and the reason they were chosen.


Northwestern MedicineIn 2013, The Foundation was presented with the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of children whose illness requires them long stays in the hospital.  Lake Forest Hospital was about to launch construction of a new hospital that will open in 2017 and agreed to partner with the Ryan Briere Foundation to develop a prototype space to brighten the stay of these children and their families. The focus of this space will be to assist the hospital staff in meeting the emotional and intellectual needs of young children by utilizing cutting edge technology and reusable materials to have a space that can support families without the need to consistently replace items such as books, puzzles and other breakable items. Selecting Lake Forest Hospital as the first location for such a space is particularly meaningful as it was the hospital where Ryan was born.

2012 Recipient: Child's Voice
Childs VoiceAs a child, Ryan suffered from frequent ear infections.  They became so frequent that he ended up having tubes put in both his ears.  But what a transformation when those tubes went in.  He became more sensitive to loud noises, and the clarity of his speech improved significantly.  During the time we were having his hearing tested and the surgery, we often thought of our friends who have two young daughters who are both hearing impaired and what they are going through on a daily basis.  We also understood how critical hearing is to the development of young children.  So this is with great pleasure that the proceeds for the 2012 Ryan Run will go to helping in the early testing and treatment of hearing loss.  The goal for this year is to raise enough funds to help Child’s Voice develop their Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) System.  This program will allow the Audiology Center of this non for profit school to begin administering the follow up tests to newborns and infants that failed the newborn screening.  Early detection will increase the likelihood of early intervention for children with hearing loss and benefit them as they begin the journey to learn to listen and speak. 

2011 Recipient: The Goddard School of Vernon Hills
Goddard SchoolThe Ryan Briere Foundation values the time and energy today’s educators put into developing our children’s minds and fine motor skills. To show our gratitude we honored the dedicated individuals who help mold our children; The Teachers. The Ryan Briere Foundation is excited to have raised $13,000.00 for Teacher Education at Ryan's school, The Goddard School in Vernon Hills.  The funds are available for all qualifying expenses for several years.

The Goddard School was selected not because it was Ryan’s school but because it was his favorite place to go. The Foundation could not think of a better place to contribute to than the place where young minds grow and the place where friendship is always in blossom.
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